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Capella Culture

Championing a life lived through meaningful discovery

We believe in seeking connection and shared experiences that inspire. Our passion for culture and history drives us to delve beneath the skin of every destination we call home and sample a life of authenticity. We take pride in curating unique experiences punctuated with unforgettable moments that will delight and enrich for years to come.


Crafting storied moments beyond expectations within our walls.

As masters in our craft of hospitality, we offer the highest level of personalised service and seek to stir your heart with extraordinary experiences. Craftsmanship is imbued into every detail of each hotel and resort; handcrafting even the smallest of details to give you insider access to the region’s culture, community and tradition.

The Living Room

A place to relax, a space to connect from dusk till dawn.

Capella Culturist

Historians, guardians and native explorers of Bali.

The Living Room

The Officer’s Tent is the social heart of our camp, a charming space filled with Bensley’s eccentric touches and full of antiques and books from a bygone era. It is where you will meet our Capella Culturist who will plan a day of adventure, taking you to explore the villages next door to try your hand at Keliki wood-carving, while enjoying sounds of gamelan hand-played by Balinese musicians.

As dusk falls, the tent turns into a soiree with fellow campers and the high-spirited team of Capella Ubud gathering around Mad’s Spirit Box to shake up an evening bevvy or two. Connect and foster friendship over light-hearted conversations, before entering into a fun game of pool or chess.

Capella Culturist

Our Capella Culturist dedicate their time to inspire you to carve out moments of adventure during your time in the jungle. They embody the Balinese way of life, feeding your unique appetite for life by inviting you to become part of the tribe. Join the local families of Keliki Village and help them prepare the magnificent penjor - ornate bamboo poles - for their temple festival, Piodalan, before practising gamelan with the village children. To help in your pursuit to build authentic bonds with the locales, they will teach you Balinese Sanskrit and customs.

Like a moth to a flame, you will gravitate towards our camp guru, Pak Budi, as he shares insights on Bali folklore and legends by the glow of our bonfire. Born with the gift to heal since young, Pak Budi is also our resident healer and is a certified Chakra Healing Master.

Your Capella Culturist will provide a full itinerary of activities and events hosted in the Living Room during your stay.

Capella Curates

At the heart of the Capella philosophy is our visionary curation of culture and experience.

Our Capella Culturist have spent time scouring Bali, leaving no leaf unturned in our quest to provide you with unforgettable moments, immersing into the local community to engage and discover local heritage and culture, discovering new skills, and meeting some fascinating people along the way. We understand escapism beyond the simple indulgence of travel and seek, through knowledge, empathy and respect for our surroundings, to create ‘Capella Curates’; a selection of experiences designed to become lifelong memories.

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Keliki Canvas

Dive into the rich intricacies of the Keliki painting tradition, which depict a plethora of Balinese imagery in the tiniest of frameworks.

The Art of Jamu

A traditional Indonesian medicine with incredible health benefits and a fascinating history.

A Soul Reborn

Join us for Melukat, a deeply spiritual tradition that is just one of Bali's many magical rituals which involves using water as a ritual cleanser.

GI Jungle

An intense Bootcamp set against the backdrop of Ubud’s lush jungle and rice paddies which will push you out of your comfort zone.’

Bali Dance Moves

Merging dance and exercise, let your natural rhythm lead you through an invigorating Balinese- inspired dance routine, moving in time with the vibrant, tropical sounds of Bali’s jungle.

Confined to Quarters

Step into oblivion and rediscover your sense of bliss with a life-changing experience at Capella Ubud. Elevate yourself above the distractions of daily life with 24-hours spent in solace.

Capella Youth

Building a strong sense of community for a sustainable future.

We are privileged to be entrusted with such exceptional destinations and finding ways to reflect and respect the local culture are vital to our work. As custodian of the community, we are dedicated in the enrichment of our surroundings and the lives of our community, acting as mentors to youths and participating in school initiatives to empower them to create a better tomorrow.

English for a brighter future

The language of tourism in Bali is dependent on English. At Capella Ubud, we aspire to enrich the lives of our youth by providing them with a three-month English program for Elementary School students in Keliki Village. Empowering them to take charge of their education by collecting plastic waste in the neighbourhood in exchange for a spot in the classroom, we also help nurture their respect and love for the environment.

In our bid to encourage collaboration within the community, we work together with Krang Taruna, the youth organisation of the village, to assist with class scheduling and waste recycling processes. The proceeds from recycling the discarded plastic bottles are also reintroduced back into the community through further educational initiatives.

Capella Ubud, Bali

Jl. Raya Dalem, Banjar Triwangsa 
Desa Keliki, Kecamatan Tegallalang 
Ubud, Gianyar 
Bali 80561, Indonesia 

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