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Capella Culture

Championing a life lived through meaningful discovery

We believe in seeking connection and shared experiences that inspire. Our passion for culture and history drives us to delve beneath the skin of every destination we call home and sample a life of authenticity. We take pride in curating unique experiences punctuated with unforgettable moments that will delight and enrich for years to come.


Crafting storied moments beyond expectations within our walls.

As masters in our craft of hospitality, we offer the highest level of personalised service and seek to stir your heart with extraordinary experiences. Craftsmanship is imbued into every detail of each hotel and resort; handcrafting even the smallest of details to give you insider access to the region’s culture, community and tradition.

The Living Room

A place to relax, a space to connect from dusk till dawn.

Capella Culturist

Historians, guardians and native explorers of Tufu Bay.

The Living Room

Reminiscence of our Maritime Silk Road journey, our Living Room is a sophisticated and nostalgic space to while away the afternoon. Come by each day to exchange ideas with new-found friends and, if time allows, discover how to ferment Li Shalan rice wine and ethnic weaving techniques. Enticing curious minds further are a curation of books and artefacts that tell the tale of the historic trade route, with our Capella Culturist on hand to add their knowledge and reveal the secrets of Tufu Bay.

The Living Room’s prime position facing the South China Sea gives you front row seats to nature’s beauty, where you can marvel at the amber glow of the sun setting. In the evening, you will find our mixologist guiding you through a Seafarer’s Journey with cocktails inspired by spices and voyages selected from the Captain’s Log Book.

Capella Culturist

Our Capella Culturist are storytellers at heart, forever armed with vast knowledge and experience of Hainan’s local culture and history. A quick word with them and you will uncover Hainan’s storied past as a bridge between the East and West, thanks to its privilege location on China’s ancient Maritime Silk Road. Trusted friends with the Li ethnic minority, Capella Culturist Troy can not only teach you the basics of Kra-Dai language but bring you to visit the homes of the indigenous community. If exploring the idyllic paradise is top on your itinerary, he will give you insider access to the best vantage points and hidden gems including a clifftop swing that lets you soar above the magnificent scenery.   

Your Capella Culturist will provide a full itinerary of activities and events hosted in the Living Room during your stay.

Capella Curates

At the heart of the Capella philosophy is our visionary curation of culture and experience.

Our Capella Culturist have spent time scouring Hainan, leaving no leaf unturned in our quest to provide you with unforgettable moments, immersing into the local community to engage and discover local heritage and culture, discovering new skills, and meeting some fascinating people along the way.

We understand escapism beyond the simple indulgence of travel and seek, through knowledge, empathy and respect for our surroundings, to create ‘Capella Curates’; a selection of experiences designed to become lifelong memories.

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Robusta Spirit

Uncover China’s intriguing coffee culture in the heart of Xinglong, home to the country’s earliest coffee plantation.

The Craft of Brewing

Refresh your palate with hoppy goodness, handcrafted for you.

Jean-Michel Gathy, Architect

Principal designer at DENNISTON - one of the world's leading hospitality design firms.

Life Infused

Take a taste of Capella Tufu Bay home, with a uniquely infused spirit designed by you to evoke memories of your travels.

Local Life on Wheels

Prepare to experience the unseen sides of Hainan, as we take you off-road on a guided bicycle tour of our culturally rich neighbourhood.

Bolong to me, Bolong to you

‘Bolong’ means ‘hello’ in the language of the Li ethnic tribe, who have an abundance of fascinating rituals and traditions.

Fishing DaWang

Experience an authentic pastime of Hainan as you set off to sea with local fishermen

Capella Tufu Bay

Tufu Resort Area,
Yingzhou Town, Lingshui County Hainan Province, China 572000

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